A 5 part guided experience moving through the curiosity, wisdom and power of your breath 

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..... is for the women who GIVE A SHIT !
The woman who gives a shit about her mindset, about the quality of conversations and people she is surrounded by.

The woman who gives a shit about her ability to show up to her work, her job, her business with energy and passion.

The woman who gives a shit about the time she spends with her loved ones, her lover, her children her friends, being FULL and PRESENT.

The woman who gives a shit about her health, mind body + soul

The woman who gives a shit about her own growth and potential in this lifetime 

The woman who gives a shit about making her life the absolute BEST life she knows how.

The Essentials is home to the woman who is a clear and empowered YES to claiming what she wants.


I'm the woman who gives a shit !!! Show me whats inside


* 1:1 work

* Retreats

* Breathwork Ceremonies 

* Masterclasses, Podcast  + more

See you inside

xxx Ky 


"I honestly feel like there’s nothing else to say, but Kyla is pure light magic. I started working with Kyla in November 2021 where we had a one on one breath session. It was such a transformative experience for me, as she guided me, and held space for me to tap into emotions I had been blocking for years." 

Lisa Atkins

"The consistent result of working with Kyla is the rediscovery of my truest self—the vulnerable, loving, joyful parts of me that had become lost, mired in the gunk that can accumulate over time, as a human on this Earthly journey."


"Kyla led me towards Joy by introducing me to the sweetest parts of myself. I can remember ending session after session with joyful, amused relief at how gentle the work had felt. Amused to be reminded time after time that breathwork, this self-exploration, this leap of faith, can be gentle. So much more gentle than any talk therapy I’ve ever experienced. And so much more authentic. I step deeper into who I am every session we have"


"Before meeting Kyla, I did not know Joy. I did not have the capacity to differentiate many of my emotions or to interpret causes or remedies for the anxiety and sense of overwhelm that dominated my being. Perhaps the next love letter will be about Clarity… I see so clearly now, when once—for a long time—there was only confusion and gloom <3 "