Join me for a [ f r e e ] 7 day breathwork experience starting Sept 25 ( sessions will be live + recorded inside a private FB group)

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You are invited to come back into relation, into connection and into harmony with your whole self. 

To meet the parts of Self that have been missed, neglected, shamed and even exiled. 

Through the practices inside The Essentials You will connect to your inner being in a way that you may not have ever experienced before.

You will be led and supported through  live calls with Me, community and unlimited practices to discover your inner witness. as you make contact with the parts that ache for healing, you get to bring your LOVING PRESENCE in and the journey of healing begins.

You will discover parts of yourself that inspire and uplift you to step into your highest and most aligned self.

You will be reminded, through the practices and community inside of who you are at your HIGHEST vibration, reminded of your inner power and your ability to transform yourself into the version of You you've always dreamt of.


"Over the past few months of working with you, a major, unexpected shift has happened. I’ve become increasingly more confident with me. I’ve learned how to create boundaries and people started respecting them. I’m at peace with myself and my choices. I’m more communicative with my people which in turn has solidified beautiful bonds and friendships. 
But best of all, I’m not afraid of the other shoe dropping. It’s going to… maybe… what happens when/if it does? Nothing. Life. We except and move forward. I have never in my 42 years of life been more comfortable with my whole being, until now. I’ve never felt what true happiness felt like, until now. I’ve never felt so anchored to the earth, until now. Something major has shifted and I feel like I can finally breathe. I owe a lot of that to you. So from the bottom of my happy heart, thank you. I love you. Xo"
Hi sweet friend ...


A bit about Me  ➝

Somatic Healing + Conscious Connected Breathwork wasn't always my thing... 


I spent 15 years as a personal trainer, fitness competitor and fitness model. I spent years seeking something I couldn't quite put my finger on... and then I found breathwork and somatics...

I have found HOME  within Myself and within my work... and I am honoured to support You in your own journey.

Breathwork Ceremonies

A pathway into our subtleties, our subconscious parts, and into healing. Release trapped emotion, stuck energy and create capacity for more life, more joy, more ease. Your breath holds ancient wisdom... allow me to remind you 



Vancouver Island, Mexico, Bali, Costa Rica 2023 dates are UP and spaces are filling fast


Revealed// 12 Week Reclamation of Your Power

Revealed Intimate is my 1:1 container  {please inquire on waitlist status}

Revealed Collective is my small group container {please inquire for Fall cohort}

SEPT 20  - DEC 6


"I honestly feel like there’s nothing else to say, but Kyla is pure light magic. I started working with Kyla in November 2021 where we had a one on one breath session. It was such a transformative experience for me, as she guided me, and held space for me to tap into emotions I had been blocking for years." 

Lisa Atkins

"The consistent result of working with Kyla is the rediscovery of my truest self—the vulnerable, loving, joyful parts of me that had become lost, mired in the gunk that can accumulate over time, as a human on this Earthly journey."

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"Kyla led me towards Joy by introducing me to the sweetest parts of myself. I can remember ending session after session with joyful, amused relief at how gentle the work had felt. Amused to be reminded time after time that breathwork, this self-exploration, this leap of faith, can be gentle. So much more gentle than any talk therapy I’ve ever experienced. And so much more authentic. I step deeper into who I am every session we have"


"Before meeting Kyla, I did not know Joy. I did not have the capacity to differentiate many of my emotions or to interpret causes or remedies for the anxiety and sense of overwhelm that dominated my being. Perhaps the next love letter will be about Clarity… I see so clearly now, when once—for a long time—there was only confusion and gloom <3 "