Hi, Kyla here

I'm never quite sure how much information is enough, too much, relevant etc.... so I'd like to share a random compilation of things

I adore my life... it's not perfect and I am ever evolving... and I love it. I spent 15 years as a full time personal trainer running my own business for 10 of those. I competed in fitness competitions on and off for a decade... I wrote for dozens of fitness magazines and was on the cover of 5 fitness magazines. I taught yoga, held retreats in Bali... did some really neat things... and yet all the while was searching for something more.

Something DEEPER, something REAL.


I landed in a breathwork experience in 2019 and my life never looked the same again :) 

Dramatic right??!! hahah well its true, everything shifted and I found what feels truly for the first time like HOME.

I have now spent the last 3 years diving into somatic healing and breathwork for myself personally and, well.... professionally.

I did not expect to be here.... this is a world I knew nothing about 5 years ago... but my soul knows it. I have known this life for centuries, for lifetimes past..... this is home. And what an honour it is to be back.

Random things I love...

a good oat or soy latte




the sound of a muscle car

the speed of a race car

hip hop music

country music

Electronic + Dub Step... okay I love all music

animals - all of them ( i'm even learning to accept spiders ;)

i desire to live off the land and don't know how to garden

i love to dance, laugh and hug

and i love you

Come breathe with me