Hi, My name is Kyla Gagnon, I have been described as a fitness junkie turned spiritual hippie ... and I kinda of love this. I spent 15 years coaching people with their health and fitness. I competed in fitness competitions for over a decade, I wrote for dozens of international magazines and was on the cover of 5 international fitness magazines...This feels like another lifetime ago. This world didn't feel aligned ... as much as I still love movement and staying healthy and fit, my focus in connecting with, healing, nourishing and falling in love with the true authentic self... both mine... and yours.

and this is an inside job



The practices of mindfulness and of breathwork have changed how I show up in life. These practices have been monumental in my personal, spiritual and professional evolution. My intention is to share what I have learned, and continue to learn with You as you journey through your own evolution of healing and self nourishment.

You get to live a life of joy and of ease. 


"For me breathwork sessions always come with tears and Kyla has the most gentle and caring presence, she always guides me back to myself"


“Kyla has a beautiful way of holding space and reminding me that anything that comes up, is supposed too and that all parts of me are welcome"


"Every time I attend a session with Kyla I feel completely taken care of. She offers options for all abilities... she has a way of making you feel loved, supported"

Kylas ability to be present, connected and hold space for whatever brings you into her presence is beyond amazing

Kyla is such a talented woman with a heart of gold. Her breathwork sessions are offered with so much love and genuine care

Kyla has displayed deep commitment to her work in supporting others where they are in life....