Welcome my dear

You deserve to be filled up, to be full emotionally, spiritually and energetically full.... of Yourself.

Take these 14 days to tune into what it really means for You to be FULL.... of You... of your desires, your ideas, your curiosities, your thoughts and beliefs, instead of everyone else's.

YOU deserve this.... your life deserves this, the world needs You to be so deeply FULL of YOURSELF 

You will receive DAILY guided practices sent to your inbox BRIGHT and EARLY.

 You will receive 4 previously recorded practice calls one Day 1, 5, 8 and 12.

You will receive daily journal prompts, mantras and invitations to step FULLY into a practice of dedicated YOU time.

You will be held by Myself and the community of other Women desiring a deeper connection to Self... The Self Full Woman is waiting for You


My intention for this experience is to share with You the simple pleasures that can come with (re)connecting to ourselves in an authentic way. 

I intend to share a variety of somatic practices, guided meditations, breathwork practices, reflection and inquiry work and more. 

I can't wait to see You inside

xo Kyla