The Essentials, the home for the spiritually curious

You are invited to come back into relation, into connection and into harmony with Your whole self.

Through the practices inside The Essentials You will connect to Your inner being in a way that You might not have ever experienced before.

You will discover parts of Yourself that inspire and uplift you to step into Your highest self.


Guided Meditations + Guided Breathwork

You have access to an ever growing library of guided meditations + breathwork practices to support your day

  • Practices as short as 5 min
  • Practices as long as 1 hour
  • Practice when it fits in your schedule
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Yoga Practices + Fitness 

You have access to an ever growing library of movement practices created for all levels

  • Practices + workouts as short as 5 min
  • Practices as long as 1 hour
  • No equipment needed
  • Move your body  on your own schedule
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Here's what else is inside 

The Essentials is truly your ONE STOP SHOP for mind body and soul nourishment

  • Weekly live community connection calls (wednesdays noon pst) 
  • Bi Weekly Conscious Connected Breathwork Ceremonies
  • Monthly Guest Teachers - live + recorded 
  • Monthly Ecstatic Dance!!
  • Monthly Full Moon Rituals with Avalon Starlight
  • Members Only discounts
  • All for $55 /month
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What members are saying...

"I am so thankful for this space. For the breath practices AND the community calls... it is such an appreciated part of my day"


"As a busy Mom I really appreciate the shorter breath and meditations inside. I can sneak away for 10 minutes... and I NEED IT hahah my kids need it . So THANK YOU"

- Dee

"I turn to The Essentials DAILY. sometimes I need a meditation, sometimes I need to MOVE, but whatever I need, it's here for Me, so thank you"