The Essentials Membership

You are invited to come back into relation, into connection and into harmony with your whole self.

Through the practices inside The Essentials You will connect to your inner being in a way that you might not have ever experienced before.

You will discover parts of yourself that inspire and uplift you to step into your highest self.

Once inside the membership you will see the following categories ...

I can not wait to see you





Guest Teachers

Essential Oil Education

Playlists + Books


Members Only Discounts

Monthly Group Breath Ceremonies

You have access to all of this for $33 / month



1. Do I have to commit to a length of time ?

NO, you can join and you can leave at anytime :)

2. Do you have a deal if more than 1 of us joins?

YES! Reach out to me if you and TWO or more humans are jumping in and I'll send you a coupon code

3. Do I have to have experience ?

Absolutely NOT. These practices are supportive for all levels