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You are worthy of a really beautiful life.... You are worthy of joy, ease, pleasure, expansion, wealth, and abundance. All of what holds you back gets to go if you desire it. 

You get to choose. Always

REVEALED is a 12 week Mentorship / Coaching, Somatic Healing + Breathwork Container


There are TWO options :

REVEALED INTIMATE ; 1:1 container

REVEALED COLLECTIVE; Intimate small group container 

( next intake is for January 2023)


REVEALED INTIMATE $2444 usd // What is included:

 * 12 X 2 hour somatic experiencing, embodiment and breathwork sessions - sessions will be split between coaching / mentorship and conscious connected breathwork, somatic exploration and embodiment practices - they will vary week to week 

* 12 weeks of Integration support via  Whatsapp or Voxer Monday - Friday 9-5

*Access to 6 more optional online breath journeys through The Essentials

*15% off all of my 2023 /2024 week long retreats

* I wish I could find the words to express what type of transformation you will land into.... but I can not. I don't have those words, they are Yours.... What I will share are some words from clients who have moved through this program

 *space is limited to 4 clients at a time so PLEASE add your name to the waitlist*


REVEALED COLLECTIVE $1197 usd // What is Included: 

* 6 X 2 hour somatic experiencing, embodiment and breathwork sessions (bi-weekly) 

*6 X 2 hour group integration and mentoring / coaching calls

* 12 weeks access to The Essentials bi weekly breathwork journeys ( for an additional 6 breath journeys)

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"The consistent result of working with Kyla is the rediscovery of my truest self—the vulnerable, loving, joyful parts of me that had become lost, mired in the gunk that can accumulate over time, as a human on this Earthly journey."

revealed intimate

Starting January 2023

$2444 usd

Payment plans available 

3 spaces available 

revealed collective 

Starting January 2023

$1197 usd

Payment plans available

max 5 participants

"Kyla led me towards Joy by introducing me to the sweetest parts of myself. I can remember ending session after session with joyful, amused relief at how gentle the work had felt. Amused to be reminded time after time that breathwork, this self-exploration, this leap of faith, can be gentle. So much more gentle than any talk therapy I’ve ever experienced. And so much more authentic. I step deeper into who I am every session we have"





Had I attempted the work alone..... I would have given up... in fact I wouldn't have even known where to start. 

I wouldn't have known that my cracks are where my light gets to shine through. I wouldn't have known that it was good and safe to be seen, to be heard, to be witnessed... because, in all honesty.. it never was before.

Had I attempted the work alone... I wouldn't know the importance and value of being held guided and witnessed... 

You are welcome here, and it is a great gift to be with You.


Please add your name to be added to the waitlist

"Before meeting Kyla, I did not know Joy. I did not have the capacity to differentiate many of my emotions or to interpret causes or remedies for the anxiety and sense of overwhelm that dominated my being. Perhaps the next love letter will be about Clarity… I see so clearly now, when once—for a long time—there was only confusion and gloom <3"


REVEALED is a space where you have the opportunity to open dialogue on whatever is present. A space where your story gets to be heard, your experience is held and your emotional response is witnessed. 
REVEALED is your opportunity to begin the healing process with mentorship, guidance, coaching and therapeutic breathwork 

REVEALED is an invitation to open, to release, to shed, to unravel and to reveal the truth of who you are


I'm SO READY for this

I only take on 4 clients at a time, please join the waitlist - I will be in touch

If you feel the call, I invite you to sit with that calling. Feel it fully. Be present to what comes up for you when you consider this. If you feel a clarity call would be useful you can simply click the button below and book a free 30 minute call

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