Conscious Connected Breathwork Offerings

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Conscious Breathwork is both a psycho-emotional therapeutic practice and an opportunity to deeply explore and glean insight from non-ordinary states of consciousness.


Conscious Breathwork is a practice in returning to natural, unhindered breathing.  It is a practice that starts with mimicking, as best as possible, this natural breathing experience and ends with being breathed.  When the mimicking of natural breathing – i.e. relaxed exhales and no unconscious pauses in the breath cycle – is sustained for long enough in a session the old stresses that one’s physiology hasn’t yet discharged or integrated start to rise to the surface of consciousness.  These unconscious experiences are suppressed or repressed through both physical and physiological restrictions, particularly in one’s breathing, so when a person consciously invites a change to the patterned restrictions the unconscious experiences begin to surface within the bodymind.  As they do they can also trigger feeling states that were tied to the original stressing experiences and the person’s reaction to them.  By catalyzing the lifting of these old stresses into consciousness, a person is then able to address them with corrective experiences while learning from and integrating them.



There is Medicine In Your Breath



  • GROUP Breathwork Ceremonies, VICTORIA BC 7-930 pm (dates below) 

[ exchange $60-73.50]

  • 1:1 Private Sessions (Limited space)

[exchange $175 / 2 hours]

  • Private Group Sessions

[ max 12 people $500]

  • ONLINE ceremony - Bi Weekly (dates below)

[ exchange $22]



  • Feb 7
  • Feb 28
  • March 7
  • March 28
  • April 11
  • April 25



  • Feb 9, 7 pm pst
  • Feb 25, 10 am pst
  • March 9, 7 pm pst
  • March 20, 7 pm pst
  • April 6, 7 pm pst
  • April 21, 7 pm pst
  • May 13, 10 am pst
  • May 30, 7 pm pst

Here's My Truth

Breathwork has quite literally changed my life.

Through Breathwork I have discovered my voice, and the power in it, I have healed ancestral traumas, I have felt joy in every cell of my being. I have learned what it is to be present, to surrender, trust and to believe in the power, the wisdom and the medicine of my ancient, of Your ancient breath

Inquire about Breathwork with Me 

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xo Ky