Conscious Connected Breathwork + Somatic Healing 

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Conscious Breathwork is both a psycho-emotional therapeutic practice and an opportunity to deeply explore and glean insight from non-ordinary states of consciousness.


Conscious Breathwork is a practice in returning to natural, unhindered breathing.  It is a practice that starts with mimicking, as best as possible, this natural breathing experience and ends with being breathed.  When the mimicking of natural breathing – i.e. relaxed exhales and no unconscious pauses in the breath cycle – is sustained for long enough in a session the old stresses that one’s physiology hasn’t yet discharged or integrated start to rise to the surface of consciousness.  These unconscious experiences are suppressed or repressed through both physical and physiological restrictions, particularly in one’s breathing, so when a person consciously invites a change to the patterned restrictions the unconscious experiences begin to surface within the bodymind.  As they do they can also trigger feeling states that were tied to the original stressing experiences and the person’s reaction to them.  By catalyzing the lifting of these old stresses into consciousness, a person is then able to address them with corrective experiences while learning from and integrating them.



There is Medicine In Your Breath



  • GROUP Breathwork Ceremonies, VICTORIA BC 7-930 pm (dates below) 

[ exchange $60-73.50 ]

  • 1:1 Private Sessions (Limited space)

[exchange $225 / 2 hours]

  • Private Group Sessions

[ max 12 people $500 ]

  • ONLINE ceremony - Bi Weekly (dates below)

[ exchange $45 ]



  • June 20
  • July 18
  • Aug 1
  • Aug 15



  • June 7, 7 pm pst
  • June 24, 10 am pst
  • July 15, 10 am pst
  • July 27, 7 pm pst

Here's My Truth

Breathwork has quite literally changed my life.

Through Breathwork I have discovered my voice, and the power in it, I have healed ancestral traumas, I have felt joy in every cell of my being. I have learned what it is to be present, to surrender, trust and to believe in the power, the wisdom and the medicine of my ancient, of Your ancient breath

Inquire about Breathwork with Me 

Wanting to register for in person, online or book a private? Send me a message here 

xo Ky


My first breath work session was about 10 years ago. Since then I've had the gift of doing the work with many different facilitators and I've done some breathwork training myself.

Kyla is on the top of my list for guided breathwork!


It’s complex.

Layer 1- Though Kyla offers in-person breathwork, it’s the online sessions that draw me. This work is deeply personal and feeling held by her presence and warmth while being contained in the comfort of my own safe space, is next level. While I recognize some humans may need more connection than this, for me, I love that after a session I can just close my computer and integrate without having to get in my car, wander through public spaces, etc. And there is time to be in connection with Kyla and her loving community during the call. This makes it easy to choose how much you want to witness, reveal and also refrain.

Layer 2- Kyla owns her story with authenticity and grace. Sometimes in this type of work there can be a healer complex that arises. It’s like a separation between the facilitator and the receiver. It can manifest in many ways. I’ve seen this appear as a ‘I know what you need better than you do’ vibe, and an encouragement to push into pain (both physically and mentally) vibe. And though sometimes both of these things may be true and necessary, I believe at the heart of this work is self-knowing. A vulnerable human may take their healers authority over their body as superior to their own knowing. They may even do this whole-heartedly without realizing it. With Kyla, I have never once felt even an ounce of this kind of accidental ego in her facilitation. She is gentle and wise, open and humble. And I think the latter are her greatest gifts of all.

Layer 3- Women healing women is powerful. There are so many incredible male teachers of this work, including Kyla’s teacher who I first began this journey with so many many years ago. And yet, the presence of a powerful woman feels different. There is an almost mythological spirit that surfaces when women heal women. And Kyla is a roll model for doing the work. I know and trust she is always evolving, as am I. I know that I can hold her energy within me as she can hold mine within her and there is an unspoken thread of knowing that ties us together. I trust if you have worked with Kyla, you have experienced this powerful connection too.

Ok dear ones, I hope this honesty has helped you decide to trust this journey is for you. You are your own best healer and Kyla will guide you safely to reveal this deep part of you to yourself.
You have nothing to fear while in her tender care.

Meg, breath client, somatic facilitator + movement specialist