Breathe with  Me //

21 Days of Breathwork

Join me for a 21 day { F R E E } breathwork experience

April 10-30 LIVE daily in FB


What's the flow 

Daily from April 10 through April 30  I will be LIVE inside the Facebook group leading a short all levels breathwork practice

  • 15 minute ( aprox ) daily practices
  • release stress, tension, trapped emotion
  • create capacity, energy and welcome in joy
  • build a deeper connection to Self
  • reconnection to your body and your inner wisdom 


What's so great about breathwork anyway??

A few client shares for you...

  • "Breathwork has been a great modality for supporting me through processing, experiencing, and releasing emotions that have been trapped in the body."

  • "Breathwork has been a magical tool for uncovering things in my life that had previously been blind spots, by lifting the veil and allowing me to see into my consciousness."

  • "Breathwork…….is like opening a door to a whole other world you didn’t know existed."

Who's Kyla ? 

great question, let me introduce Myself 

I sent 15 years as a personal trainer and 4 years as a yoga teacher before experiencing conscious connected breathwork. WOW !

I have dedicated the last 4 years of my life to learning and exploring somatic embodiment and breathwork as tools to support Myself and my clients through releasing trapped emotion, stored beliefs and stories. Creating capacity and a deepening of connection to Self which ultimately brings  in a vital life energy that changes how you show up in this beautiful life.

I am honoured and stoked to be in this work.... and can not WAIT to meet You

Breathe with Me


Are you ready? I am SOOOO ready.  We begin LIVE April 10

{ joining after April 10? perfect, the recordings are all here ready for You }