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I sit on the edge of loving and appreciating the "Self Help" world and of pointing the finger of blame at it.....

Interesting .... when you point a finger.... there are 3 fingers pointing back at You....


Oooph this is already going deeper than I expected.

Okay, let's see if I can get this out the way I am thinking it...



is what welcomed Me into the world I am in now. It's what allowed Me to start looking in the mirror, to start recognizing Myself and My habits that weren't lifting Me up, My hurtful judgemental unfair thoughts and behaviours, towards Myself and others.... The self help world is what started Me on the path of understanding... or beginning to understand the way in which humans function. 

The self help world was and is a place of great insight, and clarity for Me. This space has opened My mind.... WAYYYYY open. This space has allowed Me to connect with beings that I might not have known how to connect with... This space has been the guiding light for Me, in stepping further into the Me I desire to be... into the Me that I am here to share with the world.


and for that I am grateful


What challenges Me with this space is the seemingly never ending supply of "what else is wrong with Me" opportunities that come with being deeply involved in "Self Help"

It's almost like having a bit of hypochondriasis... thinking that there is always something wrong you.




When we hop from self help book to self help book we break up the process of DOING THE ACTUAL HEALING. We break up the flow of INTEGRATION.

Reading a book is one thing.... INTEGRATING the tools from the book is another. And THAT is the work, that is the reason we are reading it in the first place. To learn and get clear on what we can start implementing into our lives to evolve, to grow and to heal.... 


The idea of the self help industry is that its here to "FIX YOU" .... but you aren't broken.... You could go your whole entire life, and not open one single self help book.... not change the way your mind works, you could stay comfortable in your safe comfort  zone, doing your thing... without growth or evolution and you STILL would be doing it right.

You would be doing exactly what is right for YOU and your journey.

{What do I mean by this?}

It's not uncommon for us to assume that there is something wrong with us if someone else has a problem with us, is mean to us, tells us what isn't good and right about us.... you know the person.... We've all known someone who we didn't vibe with... maybe it was a working relationship, family, romantic... a break up perhaps.... and the other person laid the "blame" so to speak onto US... and we toolkit as truth. "There must be something wrong with Me"

And as someone who has been on the other end of this, wishing someone was different and would "do the work" and step up the way I want to step up.... You know.. .back to that finger pointing.... It CAN if you allow it, become a great teacher of accepting and loving someone for who they are, what they are and where they are.... They are doing it just fine. I don't get to, nor do I have to control or fix anything... THEY ARE NOT BROKEN. 

We are on different paths... and that can be really hard sometimes when its someone we care deeply for and see potentially a break in the relationship if things don't change.... 

AND we still don't have authority to force our desires for evolution and growth onto someone else.

The truth is, YOU are exactly where you are meant to be at this moment. THEY are simply not currently aligned to vibe with you .... Them telling you ( or anyone telling you) that you need to be different  is on THEM..... NOT  on You.


We move at the speed we are designed too. We evolve in the exact right timing, and not because someone else wants us too but because We feel ready. PERIOD

I feel like the Self Help world can be .... a little bit like this person if we aren't mindful of our relationship to it.

I fully support diving into topics that interest You, to read the books, take the workshops, ask the questions, participate in courses... all the things... AND then take the time to integrate the teachings, move slow with the new information, feel into what it looks like NOW to be You with this new light and opportunity. 





The Self Help world is here as a beautiful tool for those who are ready and curious. Let's be really mindful of moving slow through this...of remaining compassionate towards Self and Others who are in the work.

To celebrate the integrations and to honour the process.... You are not broken. Your choice to step into the growth and evolution of your being is beautiful, I'm glad for you that it feels aligned.

Technically I work in this space... I have for many years..... and so it becomes really important for Me to meet my clients where they are at, celebrate where they are and move alongside them. 

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With so much love,





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