What does a FULL BODY HELL YES feel like?

embodiment full body yes mindfulness mindset yes Mar 07, 2022


What does that feel like?

What does hell yes feel like IN your body?


YES is my word of the year…I am committing to doing only things that evoke a yes within me... but not just a yes... yeah sure.. why not... it needs to be a HELL YES within my body.

 Do you remember the last time you experienced a real true HELLLLL YES…

a full body YES?

 Can you tell the difference between a yes and no in your body? 

 It's not something we're really taught ... in fact a lot of us are taught to say yes to be nice. To do it, it's not that big of a deal. To say yes to not hurt someones feelings or because it's expected.... you know how it goes. This teaches us in fact to disassociate from our body, from our intuition and from discerning what a YES really feels like... and what a NO really feels like.... We learn to normalize the shit feeling we have when we say yes to something we WANTED to say no to... as what a YES feels like.. or even what a yeah i guess so feels like... And to really dive in here, that teaching can really do a lot of damage, teaching us to accept things as they are even if it doesn't feel right for us.



Let's bring to mind a time when you experienced a conversation , maybe you watched something… maybe someone treated you in a way that didnt feel good.. It was a NO… even if you didn't recognize it at the time as the sensation of NO.


Bring that moment to mind now… What happens in your body ? What do you notice?  {make note of this}

Perhaps you notice a closing in sensation at the heart, the solar plexus, maybe the shoulders roll forward? Maybe your stomach feels a bit knotted or uneasy. Perhaps you feel your core temperature rise… maybe a sense of feeling flushed? Whats there?


Now what would be the opposite of that?

What would you enjoy experiencing more than THAT?

Let this come to mind… bring yourself fully into this memory or desire…

What does THAT feel like? 

Is that a Full body yes?

If its not….  What would a full body yes feel like in your body? 

Lets move towards THAT…. 

My invitation for you… is to simply begin noticing what your body is telling you in moments … even for the next few days… is this moment a YES or a NO.


Today..... what can you say YES to .. OR just as powerfully and importantly what can you say NO too..... that would in turn be a yes to you lol...

it's a win win


What's your word for the year??? I would love to know

xo Ky

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