SOMATIC HEALING why we all need this

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somatic trauma healing

We can talk about our struggles, our demons, our anxieties ..... all we want.
But if we don’t MOVE THEM OUT .... they stay🖤


SOMA - of the body- the whole body, the physical, the emotional, the energetic and the spiritual..... let's talk about it a bit


The difference between TALKING  and DOING 

TALKING about our struggles, our "issues" our pain points, our fears, our old patterning, our traumas.... will absolutely allow us to better understand them... maybe even to accept them... but it doesn’t really allow them to be released, to be healed... in a way that feels good, clear, permanent.  


You see when we TALK about things... we are functioning in our CONSCIOUS mind, the conscious self, the thinking self, the human self..... The memories and energetics of the "issue" that we are speaking about live in the SUBCONSCIOUS self, In the energy field of our body. 

We (humans) hold trauma ( big T and little T trauma) within our body, in the tissues, in the bones, in the muscles, the cells and in the energetic field of the body. The subconscious parts of the being.

 This is why we can be reminded of an event that we "COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT" the conscious mind fully let it slip, forgot... and we can still hold onto it in the body- which can result in certain behaviours, actions, beliefs, unexplained fears..... and so if we are TALKING about our struggles, we are often missing a WHOLE giant piece to the equation. We are also not accessing the parts in which these struggles are actually STORED... IN THE BODY....IN THE SOMA.


Animals have a  way of releasing traumas through movement, through shaking. You might recall at some point witnessing a wild animal, or your pet shaking after a scary or challenging interaction or experience. This is how they release the energy of the event so that they don't carry it around with them... it's BRILLIANT


I want you to think about every time you have swallowed your tears, You stopped yourself from crying...What happens when you do this is you subconsciously tell your soma that your expression isn't okay. You are sending messages to Yourself that you don't deserve to be sad, someone has it worse, perhaps you've been told you are a cry baby or you're "too much, too sensitive" or that big boys or big girls don't cry.... or any other number of message we have been told. 

When your system doesn't have the opportunity to have a full expression or release, the emotion or experience is now being held IN THE BODY. And we repeat the cycle of holding traumas and pains and beliefs within the body, never to be released.

If we don't invite in somatic healing practices and we only talk about it.... we can really only get so far.

Somatic exploration ... embodied practices ... breathwork movement + sound.... are tools that invite us to make contact with these parts of ourself and then to MOVE IT THROUGH...

In a somatic healing session with Me we will explore a slowing down, invitation to meet yourself in a gentle way, to make contact with the parts needing healing. We will dialogue and get really clear on what it is, where it lives, how it feels, what its saying what it needs, what you need... You are given FULL permission and welcome to open to your emotions, to allow what has not been allowed. We will move through conscious connected breathwork to create a clear pathway for the energies being held to MOVE..... to be seen, to be loved, to be held and then to be released......


our body is brilliant
 When given the opportunity it will heal itself.

So how can I help?
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