breath breathwork embodiment forgiveness healing kyla gagnon somatic healing Jul 02, 2022

My wish for you is that you get to feel the expansion....

.... the deep visceral knowing ... that your path is clear, that you have the strength, that you are never alone, that it wasn't your fault, that is was never yours to carry, that you are seen, that you can choose again, that you are always in control, that it is already yours......

I had never experienced Breathwork like this....

I had practiced multiple styles of Pranayama in yoga classes, I had done a little bit of Whim Hoff... but nothing like this.

I came to breathwork out of curiosity and admiration for my facilitator ... and I left with a cracked open mind heart and soul.... not to mention a desire to change my career path all together.



There are many types of breathwork, as there are many types of exercise, food, cats and dogs.....

The breathwork that I practice mainly and that I facilitate is known as Conscious Connected Breathwork.

It is a practice in breathing without controlling the breath..... it's a practice, for Me.... in releasing the control..... of the breath.... of my thoughts, of my resistances, of my judgements, of my stories , my "beliefs" ... releasing what  is not serving my highest good.


It is a practice in connecting with old, hidden, tucked away hurts, stories, traumas that hold us back, hold us stagnant, hold us prisoner in our own lives, perhaps with us not even knowing .


Breathwork sessions run about 2 hours in length, with 20-30 minutes of initial intake questions and time to connect and talk...... the breathing will vary depending on each person...... but typically 45-60 minutes of active breath followed by a gentle grounding , resting, integration and discussion after.


These sessions are powerful, and beautiful.

What happens in your session is yours, and is not shared outside of our session by Me, this is a trusting space and I honour your experience as your own, as I would expect the same in return.

We are all on our journeys Home......

home to self, a clear, benevolent self.


Sessions can be held via Zoom if we live far apart.....

or if we live near we can meet and breathe in person either in your home or mine 


I am so honoured to share in this with you.

To inquire more or to book your session, email Me

I am truly so grateful You are here, I would love to hear from You. If there is something You would like Me to share on please email me [email protected]

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