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I was listening to a podcast last year.... and I can't even remember who was speaking but they said something that made me very quickly drop everything I was doing to write down.... they said...

"If you fight for your limitations… you’ll get to keep them"

Your limitations being the aspects of life you aren't happy with... lack of money, a body that isn't as healthy or as strong as you'd like,  loneliness, a bad relationship, a job you hate.... you know... those sorts of things. The things we BLAME when life isn't unfolding the way we want it too.

OR WHAT MIGHT RESONATE MORE is.... if you fight for, continue to bring your energy to, speak about, complain about all of what you DON'T want…you’ll get to keep it, whatever it is.



Your mindset is important, this is not NEW information, particularly when it comes to the conversation of MANIFESTATION. Where your MIND goes, your thoughts go, YOU GO. If your mind is focused on the lack of, or of the past... this is where you ENERGETICALLY live.

This is where your mind is holding you... and manifestation has NO place here. It has no place in the past.... in lack, in envy, in anger, in victimhood, in fear... it can not live here..

Similar to how our human body has a pH balance that can float between acidic and alkaline .... Disease, all disease THRIVES in acidic environments but it simply CAN NOT live.. it can't survive in an alkaline environment.  Now this is directly related to what we put into our system as to the pH balance in your body - and perhaps a blog for another time... but its a mirroring of manifestation and the connection to your mindset.

Lack, past , fear, envy etc = ACIDIC .. disease...DIS EASE THRIVES HERE

Presence, gratitude, embodiment = ALKALINE ..... life THRIVES here... DIS EASE can not live here.

Mindset, Words, Energy… you've heard the phrase, thoughts become things, words have power, thought has form…. And so my invitation for you is to  watch your words

What words are you speaking?   … I am lonely, I am poor, I am  weak… nobody likes me.. I don't want to be in debt I hate my job, relationship etc

What kind of energy do these statements carry??? Light and happy high vibrational energy?? or dense, heavy, low vibrational ?

I don't need to answer that for you:)

Now no matter what your belief is .... Universe ( god, source, divine, self, a higher power)  ALWAYS hears you….always.

Whats more potent and what I want to share with you is that Universe also always  FEELS YOU. 

Its ENERGY that the universe picks up on.. Its energy that the universe understands..… It's energy that the Universe provides too

The energy that comes with the thing you DON'T want is generally heavy, dense and low vibration. ( everything is energy and everything is vibrating... again maybe another blog)    It’s unwanted ….. debt, lonely, unliked….. these carry a heavy weight and a heavy energy.

This is what the universe feels…. the weight of the words, the vibration of energy.

Words don't mean much to be honest  "I want to earn 1 million dollars, I'm sorry for that awful thing I did, I want my dream house, I want my dream partner…I want a strong healthy body…" 

 But Kyla, you just told me to watch my words… and then told my words aren't that important when asking for what I want…that its energy that the universe picks up on.…

Notice how you FEEl when you are complaining about something you don't want… I don't want to have debt, I don't want to live in this body that feels weak and sore all the time, I don't want to be single for one more valentines day… how do you FEEL when you speak these??? What energy are you in when you are thinking or speaking these limitations ?

 THAT is the energy I am speaking about.. Now… when we adjust the wording a bit, we adjust the energy a bit.. And bit by bit, practice by practice … our energy shifts enough that Universe picks up on a new vibration within us…. And THAT is when things start to shift…

Instead of I dont want to have debt… instead imagine how it will FEEL when you are debt FREE. when your CC is at a 0 balance… sit with THAT feeling for even 20 seconds…

 Can you see the difference? Can you FEEL the difference? close your eyes... and feeeeeeeel into what it will feel like when you have the thing you desire.

So by changing your language, your words,  you start to shift your energy…SOME will notice this immediately snd some will take a bit of time and it might even feel like lying or pretending at first … lie. Pretend . 

Shifting your energy you start to shift how the universe responds to you .

How will you feel when you are in relationship with the person of your dreams, how will you feel when you get the job you've been waiting your whole life for?

 How will you feel when you nail your first pull up and really feel STRONG in your body… BE THERE… be in THAT energy and you're on your way.

It’s already here, its already yours

You know it's like the saying… the best apology isn't I'M SORRY (which is simply words)…. Its changed behavior. (energy)

So when you begin stepping into the world of manifestation, and let me be clear here. IT'S A THING... it it not airy fairy, weird witch craft, yogi hippie whatever else it might be considered. It's universal laws, it's real life whether you want to tap into it or not... it's here and it gets to be yours.

Be MINDFUL. be mindful of your words, your thoughts and mostly your energy... FEEL into.. envision, play in the day dream of your desires... feel into them everyday.... and speak about them like they already exist... because they do


xo Ky

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