doubt embodiment empowerment fear gratitude mindset self doubt Mar 14, 2022

I've been thinking about this a lot ... for a while... like over a year.

What is it that holds you back??

For me... what is that holds ME back???

I wrote this down a while ago... it was SELF DOUBT.

SO what would happen for ME.... if I stopped letting SELF DOUBT lead me...?

If instead of stopping, instead of procrastinating, instead of saying no to opportunity .... I paused and invited SELF DOUBT to take a damn hike.... and moved forward with the spaciousness that is underneath the self doubt, the excitement and the vastness of possibilities instead.

So I'm here to ask you.....What's the one thing?

The thing that stops you from taking the next step… taking the leap, asking the question, starting the business…

The one word… is it fear?

Mine is often fear.

Fear of judgment, fear of uncomfort...

Is it  Disbelief ?


Whats the one thing??


Try this will you.... ask yourself this one question….

”What would happen if I stopped letting “FEAR” {insert your word here} lead me????

And I want to share also… that as long as you are in this human body… with a primal brain you will have all of these feelings… you will have fear you will have doubt, insecurities and so on….. But YOU are in control, you're in charge….. 

So you do the things and you invite the “fear” to hop in the backseat.

You are in control… you're driving, you make the decisions, you make the pit stops, you stop for gas, for snacks…. And FEAR or whatever it might be for you… just kicks it in the backseat…. Doin its thing… protecting you in whatever way it believes it does this… but IT DOES NOT DRIVE THE CAR…

{possible journal prompts}

What kind of opportunities would You be gifted?

What kind of excitement would You feel?

What kind of life would you get to live??

What would happen??

Who would you be in the ABSENCE of fear?

How would you show up ?

How would you show up DIFFERENTLY than you show up now? 

“What would happen if I didn't let… blank lead…”

Thats your question….


and if you feel so called to share I am here and honoured to hear your discoveries


xo Ky

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