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 INSANITY / INSANE ; repeating the same behaviours and patterns and expecting a different result / outcome.


I know you've been there.... maybe you're there right now

Stuck in the cycle of repeated behaviour that keeps you in the pattern hold of disruption, unsettledness, dissatisfaction, hurt, confusion, disappointment and so on and so on.

I get it.... I've been there.

So the question lies.....Why do I keep repeating the same bad choices…the habits, the internal auto pilot of actions and then by default, I experience the same unwanted feelings… 

These feelings must be seen, noted, nourished and order to step out of this repeat pattern.

What we don't nourish, heal  and transmute.....simply repeats. Over and over.... and over. {insert INSANITY}

The old stories.. old wounds... they are looking for redemption… they are looking for reassurance that they are right.

Our subconscious is multi faceted, deeply layered and wildly powerful when we let it be.

They were disrespected, they are looking to be assured that yes in fact you are the victim. What they NEED is healing….

A lot of these holding patterns and habits we continue to replay throughout our life are due to our earlier developmental years, and what we witnessed as "normal, acceptable adult behaviour" 

If, as an example our father worked away, or our mother worked away.... and we saw them very sporadically. Maybe they didn't work away but they worked A LOT and we only saw them sporadically. They were never home, they were never present, and when they were home they were seemingly too stressed to really be there for you, so you just kept to yourself.....

This is a perfect scenario for you to grow up and find yourself perhaps in relationships where the other person is distant, isn't present with you, maybe they even ghost you occasionally. 

This might also deliver patterning of people pleasing and leaving yourself as last priority....this might result in YOU being the one who is distant, or who flees easily..... You haven't been taught otherwise. This is what you know to be "normal"

This has been considered normal for decades....and without effort put in to change this belief, the subconscious patterning and habits will continue.

When we notice ourself in cycles of repeated patterns that we DO NOT WANT TO CONTINUE repeating, the simple answer is to DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY.

The way we do this... is by doing everything differently than we have done before, plain and simple.

A great book to read is Changing the Habit of Being Yourself by Dr Joe Dispenza


To be something or somebody we have never be... we must do things that we have never done... it really is that simple.

LOGICALLY... and then to put it into action.. this is where the work comes in.

A lot of the work I do in Embodiment taps into all of the old patterns, old stories and old wounding, inviting them all to rise  to the surface. 

Is this scary? Is it hard?  yes, sure it can be  but ONLY because it's new... NOT because it's too much for you. It is absolutely NOT too much for you. 

What comes up is simply parts of YOU... and YOU my sweet one are never too much. You are just exactly right. The parts that arise are here to be SEEN, NOURISHED and HEALED... so that you can transmute this into viable, clear, expansive energy.

Learning this new way of being requires patience, compassion and the allowance for you to move S L O W .... and on the other side..... is LIFE.



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